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Because the future started yesterday

Fight for animal rights ~ Spread the vegan message

The future is vegan
Est. 2021
Established out of Necessity

About Us

We want animal rights. Stop speciesism and end the animal holocaust. 

For the animals, the planet, the health and the future.

This brand spreads the message in an affordable und sustainable way. We work with a printing company that is 100% vegan and is working everyday on making the company more sustainable.

You want to know who founded this brand and who is behind it? If so, check the “About” page.

Black Glove Animal Rights/Vegan (Vegan Message Clothing) T-Shirts and Tank Tops

Brand new
Black glove original designs

Do not buy too much. 

We are not interested in materialism.

 Your clothing will be produced on demand.


No massproduction.

Spread The Message.

Raise awareness.

For the Animals.
For the future.

Black Glove Animal Rights Vegan Message Clothing

Do not throw away your clothes

In addition to the advice not to promote materialism, we would like to draw your attention to not throwing away clothes. There are good second-hand goods exchanges. Moreover, you are sure to find people in your personal environment who would be happy to receive the clothes. Even when they are second-hand. Or maybe exactly because of that.
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We want animal rights. stop speciesism and end animal cruelty. 

Raise Awareness.


Join the family and stay tuned for updates.