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My name is Bastian Peter. I am the founder of Otherwise I am a photographer and mask maker from Basel in Switzerland. I am a member of various animal rights and vegan societies and try to make my environment and my acquaintances aware of the cruelty and animal abuse on a daily basis, also on social media. 

In the summer of 2021, I started Black Glove. The clothing brand currently works on the “print on demand” principle. This means that the garment you order is only produced when you place an order. This allows me to work without mass production. 

Our clothes are 100% vegan and most items are organically produced and/or up- or re-cycled. Our partners are international and each item is produced where the nearest branch is. 

This can mean your item is delivered very quickly – or it takes a very long time. Depending on where you are in the world and where the nearest branch is.

However, our partners are working on building more production facilities, especially in Europe, in order to shorten the delivery routes and thus keep CO2 emissions low.

We are currently creating clothing for a very important and courageous animal welfare activist organisation. In addition, we would like to support the organisation in any way we can. More about this soon on…

Bastian Peter, founder - Animal Rights & Vegan Message Clothing Brand, Est. 2021
Self portrait, Bastian Peter, founder 2021

I created this brand and website also for another reason of course. The whole covid situation left me with very little perspective in terms of income. I thought maybe I could earn a bit of money with this brand, to help me, my family and the cause.

I am realizing tho that this was a miscalculation. I probably never will even earn back the initial costs of business. I made my peace with that now and I will still continue to work on the project. 

Btw, thank you for your visit and the interest. 


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Bastian Peter, founder - Animal Rights & Vegan Message Clothing Brand, Est. 2021
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