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Why you should NOT eat pigs, or cows or any animals.

When’s the last time you had steak or a slice of bacon? Did it dawn on you that what you were eating had a life and a family? Probably not, and this is where the problem lies.

Eating animals and their secretions have become the norm in modern-day society to the point where it’s seen as strange to have more than a few servings of fruit a day. The flesh of innocent animals is wrapped up in plastic and thrown on the shelves of millions of supermarkets, leading to a cognitive dissonance that cannot be denied.

Even after being wrapped in plastic, these “products” should be seen as animals who had feelings, emotions, and a long life ahead of them – yet their lives are continually cut short for our benefit. However, it’s time to make a change.

Will you stand up against speciesism and join the fight against animal cruelty? If you aren’t convinced yet, let’s dive a little deeper into how animals are worth much more than ending up on your plate as a piece of meat.


Animals Feel Emotions

Yes, it might seem shocking, but animals have feelings, too. There’s a reason why so many people enjoy having a furry companion on their side. Many people wouldn’t hesitate to believe that a dog or cat has feelings, but what about farm animals like cows and pigs?

Pigs Are Actually Smarter Than Dogs

Pigs may as well claim the title of man’s best friend! A lot of people don’t understand how truly intelligent pigs are, but they rarely get the same respect. They’ve even been proven to be smarter than 3-year old children!

Just like dogs, they love to play and explore the world around them. They are extremely social animals who form close bonds with one another, and they love to cuddle! Who doesn’t love a nice cuddle?

Cows Are Super Social Animals

Cows are one of the kindest, most docile animals on the planet. They might weigh a thousand pounds, but they couldn’t hurt a fly! Cows deserve a fulfilling life frolicking in the grass, yet they are subject to cruelty along with their other farm animal companions.

Just like humans, cows experience grief. How would a mother feel if her child was taken away immediately after birth? This is what so many momma cows unfortunately experience. They never get to have a bond with their child.

There are endless reports of cows bellowing for hours on end while grieving the loss of their calf. Rather than giving her milk to her calf, her milk is stolen for human consumption. If this happened to human mothers, there would be outrage.

Since animals are seen as products rather than sentient beings who feel pain and grieve like humans, this is the reality of today’s society.

If you want to join the fight to end speciesism, help spread the message by rocking our vegan clothing!

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